About Us

Launched in January 2002, LAMPS ONE has been the cheap source of lighting products as well as electrical products for indoor and outdoor use. Over the years, LAMPS ONE has grown its inventory to over 2,000 products and 24 categories.

Located in Downtown Los Angeles, LAMPS ONE has served thousands of electrical contractors, hotels, motels, malls, industries, factories, business owners and consumers from all over United States and Canada.

Lamps One offers a large selection of Recessed Lighting, LED Lighting, Under Cabinet Fixtures, Step Lights, Energy Saving Bulbs, Halogen Bulbs, Compact Fluorescents Bulbs, Tubular Fluorescent Bulbs, HID Lamps, Incandescent Bulbs, LED Light Bulbs, LED Rope Lights, LED Strip Lights, Electronic Ballast, Switches, Receptacles, GFCI, Occupancy Sensors, Wallplates, Low Voltage Cables, Wire Connectors, Cable Ties, Smoke Detectors and more.

Online and offline ordering is being improved daily to be able to attain smooth transactions. LAMPS ONE will continue its growth in order to meet its customer’s demands.