Dimmers Switches

Highly Functional Dimmers Switches to Adjust Lighting Level

Lampsone’s collection of highly functional Dimmers Switches is ideal to help you control the lighting of your house. We offer flexible dimming solutions in order to provide digital control over non-regulated LEDs, incandescent, and other types of lights. Usually, a dimmer is also ideal to create an amazing ambiance within a room along with reduction of overall energy costs. We offer tailor-made solutions in accordance with the architectural or entertainment purposes.

These switched are available in modular designs, which allow them to configure easily in order to meet the desired requirements of the clients. We manufacture them with advanced technology to ensure their premium performance and high value results. Use Dimmers Switches to save your electricity demand and energy cost without sacrificing your comfort. These solutions are available at reasonable prices along with excellent functionality.

At Lampsone, you will find a straightforward solution for adjustment of your home’s light. We offer these solutions with highest resistant against electrical charges movement that make them perfect to manage the power consumption. Easy to set-up, all our range of dimmer switches available in different sizes are equipped with a digital control system in order to control the operations in an effective and efficient manner.

3 Way Dimmer 0-10V


3 Way Sliding Dimmer for Dimmable LED, CFL, Incandescent and Halogen  These dimmers are designed to work with DIMMABLE LED, CFL, Halogen, and Incandescent bulbs 300 Watt capacity for dimmable CFL/LED bulbs 0-10V Single pole applications Paddle...

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