GFCI Receptacles

Lamps one, as located in downtown Los Angles, supply a wide selection of temper resistant L GFCI such as (GFCI/15/LED/A/2008) GFCI 15Amp UL2008 w/ LED Almond, (GFCI/15/LED/G/2008) GFCI 15Amp UL2008 w/ LED Gray and many more. All these powerful devices offered by Lamps One are confirm to international quality standards and are UL certified. Furthermore, the GFCI is designed to prevent the electrical incidents such as serious injury or death associated with electricity. Whether, you can buy our devices with safe lock function online or offline at competitive prices. Apart from this, devices offered by us are ideal to protect your offices, homes and various construction sites or any damp or wet location with a safe and secure environment. We offer highly efficient L GFCI Receptacles with easy installation and they have a warranty period of 1 year that ensure easy and reliable working of our devices.