Tips on the Best Ways to Illuminate the Rooms in Your Home

Posted by LampsOne Admin on 21st Jun 2017

One of the best ways to enjoy the ambiance of the best places in your home is thru extensive lighting. A good lighting condition can greatly influence your senses and highlights the action or tasks that you need to do in the room such as reading, cooking, sleeping or just a simple quality time with family watching your favorite program on tv. Here are some of the best ways to light up the rooms in your home.Living RoomAs much as possible illuminate the four corners of the room on medium l
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Why LED Lighting is the right way to go

Posted by LampsOne Admin on 8th Jun 2017

Light Emitting Diodes or LED as they are commonly called is quick turning into the most loved lighting for homes, workplaces and pretty much wherever nowadays. Here are some great reasons why: 1.Energy Efficiency Driven LED bulbs can save you up to 80% more on energy utilization than conventional lighting, for example, fluorescent and incandescent lights. More than 90% of the vitality in a LED bulb is converted over into light and just a little division gets wasted as h
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JC Type Halogen Mini Lamps

3rd Dec 2011

Get JC Type Halogen mini lamps from Lamps One today. If you need replacement bulbs Lamps One is the place to go. This JC Type bulb is a compact c-6 filament or C Bar-6 filament tungsten halogen lamp. Visit today for all your lighting and light bulb needs.
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Don’t spend too Much on Light Bulbs

20th Nov 2011

At Lamps One you will save up to 50% off of LED light bulbs. Don’t get taken by the big box stores, purchase on line and save a bundle on these high quality and long lasting light bulbs. Visit Lamps One today and see the large selection of light bulbs and lighting accessories available.
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(G16/W/15/E12) Incandescent Vanity Globe G16 15W White

16th Nov 2011

Lamps One has all things lighting. This replacement Incandescent Vanity Globe light blub is just one of many light bulbs that are stocked. This 15 watt, E12 base design will give your bathroom vanity bar the brightness that is needed at a price everyone can afford. Visit Lamps One today and purchase discount light bulbs.
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